The Spicy Meeting

Posted by: root

I was having lunch with a business associate when she noticed my black ring and said “What a beautiful ring, does it mean anything since it is on your right hand?” Having no idea if she was a swinger or not, I was reluctant to say anything that might offend her and our business relationship. So I said “Yes, a friend gave this to me to celebrate our special friendship”. At that time she pulled a black ring out of her purse similar to mine and smiled, “I wonder if we have the same special friend?” Ha… never in a million years would i have thought that she was a swinger, but at that point, we both knew and the rest of the lunch was filled with laughter and spicy stories and a promise to have our spouses join us for a drink so that we could all get to know each other. Without wearing my ring that day, I would have never made the connection!

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