Q: Why we wear a black ring on our right hand?

A: In an effort to help us all discretely identify others in the swinging lifestyle, we suggest wearing a black ring on the right hand whenever you’re open to meeting others in the lifestyle. If you agree, please post this to your profile and we can quickly spread the word that the black ring on the right hand signifies a member of the swinger community.

Q: How does the black ring work?

A: Wear your black ring on your right hand if you are out and open to meet other swingers. If someone wearing a black ring on their right hand approaches you, start a conversation with them. “I see you’re wearing a black ring on your right hand. Maybe we are in the same club.”

Q: Does it matter what finger I wear my black ring?

A: Wear your black ring on any finger but the middle one. The ring finger is the natural place for the black ring, but thumb rings are cool too. A black ring worn on the middle finger of the right hand is an infrequently used symbol of asexuality. Please avoid wearing your ring on this finger as a courtesy to that community. (See below.)

Q: Do I have to wear my black ring all the time?

A: No. Only when you want other swingers to recognize you.

Q: What if someone without a black ring approaches me and asks me what the ring means?

A: Tell them anything you would like. “Oh nothing. Nice, isn’t it?”

Q: Does wearing the black ring mean we’re full swap swap/soft swap/bi-male/bi-female, etc.?

A: No. It just means you are a swinger. It’s a way to start a conversation. If you’re not compatible, at least you met a kindred spirit.

Q: Does wearing the black ring mean you are asexual?

A: Some in the asexual community wear black rings on their middle fingers as a symbol of asexual pride. Although, it is unlikely that asexual people will be at the same social events as swingers, if this is still a cause of concern, wear your black ring on any other finger of your right hand.

Q: Does wearing the black ring mean you are polyamorous?

A: Not necessarily. It means you are a swinger. You may also happen to be polyamorous, but the black ring is not meant to be a symbol for polyamory.

Q: I don’t want anyone to know I’m a swinger. What do I do?

A: Simple. Don’t wear the ring.

Q: Is there a particular ring I should get?

A: No. As long as it’s black, it counts.

Q: Where do we buy our black rings?

A: Right here!

Q: How do i know what size I wear?

A: Either go to a local jeweler and they can tell you easily for no charge, or download our paper ring sizer…its not an incredibly accurate means since printers and your computer screen size varies, but might give you a pretty good idea. Jeweler is the best bet to be most accurate.

Q: Can I return my ring for another size?

A: Yes, but you will be responsible for shipping/handling both ways so include a check with the ring and indicate the size you want. Please return the ring timely and undamaged. Of course going to a Jeweler is the best bet to avoid ordering the wrong size

Q: I am afraid I might be harassed for wearing the black ring. Isn’t it dangerous to expose yourself by wearing such a public sign of being a swinger?

A: The number of swingers in the population is very low — less than 4% of the population identify themselves as swingers. [ According to 2005 estimates by the Kinsey Institute and others, swingers account for two to four percent of married couples with numbers in excess of 4 million people in North America. As of 2011, some experts believe that there are as many as 15 million Americans swinging on a regular basis. Source: Wikipedia article on swinging] The odds that the number of people wearing the black ring ever being so high as to reach to popular consciousnesses is correspondingly low. Again, you should only wear the black ring if, when and where you want to be identified as a swinger. Do not wear it in situations where you think you may be threatened.

(The content of these FAQ’s borrows heavily from the blackringrighthand.com FAQ’s, originally written by the SwapFu Podcast, swapfu.blogspot.com)