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Success Stories

  • There’s a really nice bar near us that folks always said was a pick up place, however we weren’t sure if they were ‘swinger friendly’, until we showed up wearing our black rings and not knowing anyone, within minutes we had people coming up to us and introducing themselves making us feel quite comfortable. Wearing […]

  • I was picking up a to-go order from our favorite restaurant when the very attractive chef came by and said, “I have a ring just like that but I don’t wear it here at work, I was wondering if your ring has the same special meaning as mine does?” I was quite surprised and didn’t […]

  • I was having lunch with a business associate when she noticed my black ring and said “What a beautiful ring, does it mean anything since it is on your right hand?” Having no idea if she was a swinger or not, I was reluctant to say anything that might offend her and our business relationship. […]

  • You never know where you might see someone wearing a black ring, and although it doesn’t automatically mean that they are a swinger its a good chance if it is on their right hand, that you just improved your chances by 50%! If you are too shy to just go up to them and comment on their black ring, simply put yourself in a position to display your right hand naturally showing your own black ring and perhaps they will take the initiative. If you have a story you would like to share about how your black ring allowed you to make a connection, we would love to hear about it so we could post it here….click HEREl to post your story